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The Lawyer Beaters are from Piacenza, Italy. When European pop-punk gets it wrong, it gets it incredibly, cringe-worthingly wrong. But when it is good, it is often excellent. The Lawyer Beaters are a shining example of the latter, unleashing their fairly unique, anthem version of pop-punk onto the world. The Lawyer Beaters, as fresh faced Italians on the scene, dismiss these over-done, dull clichés, and instead revert to making kick ass punk rock, that has both style and finesse. Driving, anthem of guitars throughout that sounds both fresh and hard-hitting. “Story of a Good Soldier”, a tribute to Joey Ramone.


1. Story of a Good Soldier
2. Silly Monday
3. When We Were Waiters
4. Social Distortion
5. I’m Coming Out
6. A Bad Day
7. She Cried
8. Today
9. Elisabeth’ Song
10. Your Deep Eyes

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